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The holidays can often be a time of indulgence, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can simplify the holidays and really focus on the true meaning of the season. Instead of just collecting more ‘stuff’ on the holidays, focus on providing your friends and family living (those with diabetes) with meaningful gifts that they will be able to utilize all year.

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I’ve developed a list of a few of my favorite products that I often recommend to my clients to help you find some healthy holiday gifts for your friends and family living with diabetes.


Medical ID Jewelry:

Lauren’s Hope Medical Alert Jewelry has an amazing line of medical identification bracelets and necklaces at various price-points for men, women and children. It can be engraved with important information including the individual’s name, medical condition (Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes), drug allergies and emergency contact information. My favorites are the Halle and Kaye bracelets.

Halle 2

Supplies and Carrying Cases:

Adorn is a Denver, Colorado based company that develops functional bags and clutches for individuals that need to carry medical supplies with them. I love the clutch, which contains many different pockets to place glucometers, test strips, glucose tablets, insulin pens or syringes.

Diabetic-Supply-Cases 2


For the Kitchen:

Portionware is a fantastic way to measure food without measuring cups. Portionware sets come with BPA-free containers made of recyclable polypropalene plastic. The lids provide a simple circle symbol to let you know how much you are eating, with sets providing containers for ½ cup, ¾ cup, 1 cup, 1 ½ cups and 2 cup servings. A great way to stay on track, especially when packing lunch.


Measure Up Bowl is literally portion control in a bowl. The 2-cup ceramic bowl has the measurement lines on the inside of the bowl and allows the user to select the appropriate line for whatever they are eating. It is a good tool for measuring some of the higher carbohydrate foods like chili, pasta or even fruit.

Measure Up Bowl


Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7 Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit. Give your friends or family the benefit of an indoor garden that even individuals without much of a green thumb can maintain. We received one of these for our wedding and I thoroughly enjoy picking fresh basil and dill whenever I need it for the cooking.

aero garden 7

Soda Stream. The name isn’t fantastic but this product is amazing for making your own sparkling water. Add fresh lemon or lime slices or give your family or friend one of the Sodastream water zero-calorie drink mixes or water essences that are 3 grams of carbohydrate or less for 8 fl oz.

Soda Stream


For Fitness:

Fitbit physical activity tracker can help you keep track of your steps during the day, calories burned and even your sleep patterns. I’m always encouraging my clients to consider how they can increase their activities of daily living, those small steps do count towards more movement during the day.



Under Armour To & From Tote. Getting yourself to the fitness center is part of the battle, so pack your workout clothes with you and bring them to work. The Under Armour headquarters is located in Baltimore, they’ve always been one of my favorite athletic-gear companies and this new tote is bound to help you organize your stuff better for your workout schedule in 2016.

Under Armour Logo


For the Office:

Glass Storage Containers with Stainless Steel Lids from Crate and Barrel are perfect for setting up your loved-one’s office with healthy snacks. Fills the containers with nuts, pumpkin seeds, dry-roasted edamame or dried apple rings and they will have a healthy snack on hand when hunger hits.

Glass containers


Teavana Contour Tumbler is the best way to drink loose leaf tea on-the-go. It contains a removable tea basket so you can steep your tea at the office or anywhere you go. The insulated tumbler will keep your drink hot for up to six-hours. My teavana tumbler is one of my favorite ways to sip tea on-the-go.

Teavana Tea Tumbler

Wishing you a happy and healthy week! 

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